About Tim Morgan

Tim Morgan studied broadcast and film at Mississippi State University, where he earned his degree in Communication in 2012. Shortly after, he deployed with the Mississippi Army National Guard to Afghanistan where he served as a Public Affairs Specialist producing numerous video news reports telling the Army story. Upon returning home to Mississippi, he created Southern HD Productions after getting great feedback on videos he produced for friends. He was named Broadcast Journalist of the Year for the National Guard in 2014 and has won numerous 1st place awards in video reporting for the National Guard. Tim's passion for visual story-telling comes from his joy at being captivated by good stories in movies and books. Through audio and video, he is able to capture moments to captivate others as well. 

Southern HD Productions, located in Jackson, MS, provides its clients with various video production services in Jackson and its surrounding area. We specialize in wedding films, corporate production, virtual tours, and promotional videos. We also offer vidoegraphy services for events. Our price rates can be found on our website, but please call Tim Morgan (lead videographer & producer) or email to see how we can meet your budget needs and offer an exact quote for your project.««  Call 601-214-0996 or email southernhdproductions@gmail.com   »»

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About Jordan Morgan

Jordan Morgan (married to Tim) is the assistant videographer and co-editor for Southern HD Productions.  She earned a certificate for Broadcast Journalism at the Defense Information School at Fort Meade, Maryland in 2013. She has three years of video experience with the Mississippi Army National Guard and one year with Southern HD.